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The Right Mindset Combined with Resourcefulness Will Scale Your Business

I often reflect to all the support I’ve had in my ventures and can’t fathom going at it alone. The power of community continues to be so important in my life… Even after multiple exits, I still get stuck 

 Frustrated and Discouraged –

If you find yourself in that situation, here are three things you can do:

 Redefine the win; Winning is not money. Winning is an actionable step you can take that gets you 1 cm closer to the goal. Steve Nudelberg says gets 1% better every day. I’m reading the book, “Atomic Habits” and there are similar vibes in that…

 Focus on the next play; that’s kind of a b’ball thing, but applies here too. Focus on what you can control right now…

 Do something small to gain momentum. This can be anything positive that is not limiting (make a call, send a text, etc)…

Too often, we allow limiting beliefs to tear us down…

Remember #mindset + #resourcefulness will  our companies into momentum phase.

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